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“The World Skills Day” on 15th July became a milestone in the history of India when our Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi inaugurated the Pradan Mantri Kushal Vikas Yojna (PMKVY), the flagship scheme for Government’s Skill India Campaign. Skills and knowledge are the driving forces of any country contributing towards the economic growth and social development for any country. As India is now slowly progressing towards becoming a ‘knowledge economy’ there would be a need of skilled workforce in several sectors to increase productivity and maintain a healthy business environment.

But the skill workforce of India is only 5% as compared to 60% to 90% in other developed countries. This shows there is a varied gap in the capacity and quality of training infrastructure, insufficient focus on workforce aspirations, lack of certifications and a pointed lack of focus on the unorganized sector. To tackle this skill gap among the Indian workforce, the National Skills Development Mission was given top precedence in the light for the need of skilled mass; and the Skills policy was revised with the objectives to:

  • Create opportunities for youth through Skill development.
  • Promote entrepreneurship among the youth.
  • Industry relevant skill training
  • Catalyze the creation of large quality vocational training Institutes
  • Update Skills through significant industry involvement
  • Coordinate private sector initiatives for skill development

A revolution in the country building on the words

“Skilling is building a better India, if we have to move India toward development then Skill development should be our mission.” – Shri Narendra Modi