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The Indian Economy is on the edge of a change. India is today one of the fastest growing economies of the world with the business and regulatory environment evolving and moving towards constant–improvement. A highly talented, skilled and English-speaking human resource base form has to be its backbone.

We have a vast majority of population in the productive age group but that pretense a greater challenge. Only 5% of our total population is healthy, educated and properly skilled. India has 605 million unrivalled youth demographic when empowered with employable skills will be able to change the socio-economic chapter of India, and bring positive changes not only to their lives but also other individuals.

Hence, the National Skill development Mission under the Chairmanship of Prime Minister was approved. The initiative will empower young men and women, making them capable of earning. The prime focus was on methodology of training through improved curricula, better pedagogy and trained instructors.

As there is a surge in the trained workforce, the need for capable and well-trainers is on the rise. Sourcing of trainers who are qualified in their domains and has all necessary hard skills and soft skills is a challenge. Clearly there is a necessity to support the mechanism for counseling and guidance for trainers to keep them abreast to the changing needs of the training institutes and the vocational training. STC Skills has structured a comprehensive training programme in accordance to the NSDC norm for the trainers, to build their skills, knowledge and remain contemporary in the vocational training space.